Purple Reign

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About The Project


Purple Reign is an InterLaw Diversity Forum initiative which uses a multimedia platform of photographic portraits, text profiles, and film. Purple Reign celebrates the success of LGBT professionals and recognizes the support of powerful straight allies, with a goal of raising the self-esteem and career aspirations of LGBT youth, students and professionals, as well as reducing homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying by fostering increased understanding and empathy. Purple Reign captures the images and stories of inspiring role models drawn from the fields of law, business, activism, the arts, government, and sports. The subjects are photographed in front of a purple background to highlight their LGBT identity or support as an ally, which is situated in a greater panoramic setting representing their professions. Through their profiles, written by acclaimed writer, activist and Stonewall founding-member Lisa Power, we explore their multiple identities across all strands of diversity and inclusion and celebrate their status as role models and leaders in their fields.